Sweet Protection Volata Mips TE Helmet
Volata Mips TE Helmet Race Helmet by Sweet Protection
Sweet Protection Volata Mips TE for Slalom or GS
Sweet Protection Volata MIPS TE Helmet
Sweet Protection Volata Ski Race Helmet with MIPS technology

Sweet Protection Volata MIPS TE Helmet

The Sweet Protection Volata Mips TE Helmet is an all-new ski race helmet for all disciplines. Featuring the latest in FIS-approved helmet developments, the Volata Mips TE is an amazing helmet option for all levels of racer. With a thermoplastic shell with variable elasticity, front and rear molded gate shields and proven impact shield technology, this helmet comes loaded with exciting new features. This helmet also includes removable ear pads and two piece ear ports to allow better hearing. This helmet comes equipped with MIPS technology, designed to reduce rotational forces on the brain in the case of an impact of fall. The Volata Mips TE by Sweet Protection is the perfect race helmet for both speed and slalom events. Designed to be used with a quick mount chin guard for slalom events. *chin guard not included