Race Prep

New Race Skis are not race ready. Due to curing and time restrictions in production, all ski bases are not flat and all edge angles are not correct. The Sports Page recommends that all race skis get prepped prior to use. This includes flattening the ski, putting in a new pattern that best suits the conditions of use, scribing and finishing sidewalls, reshaping tips and tales, and setting correct edge angles.
When it comes to race prep for your skis, the Sports Page Team is the best in the business, capturing Best Tune Shop in the country 3 years in a row. Happily taking great care of ski racers from across the United States for over 35 years, our expert team has consistently outperformed the competition with our ability to provide a World-Cup caliber tune constantly changing and upgrading our race patterns. 
At Sports Page, we’re able to tune your skis to precise angles and provide the flattest, smoothest ski bases. As a result, we happily provide ski racers with the ability to improve race times and overall performance on the course.


The Best Ski Race Prep in the Northeast


Whether you’re new to ski racing or at a World-Cup racing level, we have the technology and the right people working our race preps to help you perform at your best. Our backshop team customizes each race prep, based on each racer’s specific needs and calibration preferences. In a sport where the difference is just 100ths of a second, we do our part so that you don't have to worry about your equipment, only your performance.

Race Prep and Ski Tuning, Adirondacks and Vermont


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