Swix CH5X Turquoise Ski Wax, 60g, -8°C to -14°C | 7°F to 18°F
CH5X Turquoise Ski Wax by Swix, 180g, temp. range: -8°C to -14°C | 7°F to 18°F
CH5X Turquoise, Swix Ski Wax,  900g, -8°C to -14°C | 7°F to 18°F

Swix CH5X Turquoise Ski Wax

Designed for use in the temperature range from -8°C to -14°C | 7°F to 18°F,  Swix CH5X Turquoise Ski Wax is easier to apply than the 4 series ski waxes, while maintaining easy glide properties and amazing durability. This wax can be used as a race wax, but is often used as a base wax for Cera F powder FC05X.

  • Temperature: -8°C to -14°C | 7°F to 18°F
  • Iron Temp: 150°C (311°F)
  • Iron Speed for heating should be 8-10 seconds
  • Re-heat after cooling to room temp. for maximized durability
  • Scrape after about one minute
  • Ski Wax available in 60g, 180g and 900g

*Our 180g option is a bulk wax and may not include original packaging.