Swix HF5BWX Black Wolf Ski Wax
Swix HF5BWX Black Wolf Race Wax, 180g

Swix HF5BWX Black Wolf Ski Wax

 Swix HF5BWX Black Wolf Ski Wax is a brand-new wax made to fill the hardness gap between the 4 and 6 series waxes. This wax has been used in the World Cup, with great success, over the last couple of season. HF5BWX wax has a lower melting point compared to the 4 series, making it easier to work with while maintaining good glide in cold conditions. This wax also contains a solid lubricant additive to help reduce friction when racing on cold snow and dry friction surfaces. Can be used alone as a race wax or as a base for Cera F powder.

  • Temp. Range:  -14°C to -8°C | 7°F to 18°F
  • Iron Temp:  150°C (311°F)
  • Recommended Iron Speed: 8-10 seconds
  • Can be reheated after 10 minutes for better durability
  • Scrape after 1 minute

*Our 90g & 180g options are bulk wax and may not include original packaging.