Swix HF5X Turquoise Ski Wax, 40g
Swix HF5X Turquoise Ski Wax, 180g

Swix HF5X Turquoise Ski Wax

Swix HF5X Turquoise Ski Wax is a high-fluorocarbon wax with a lower melting point, making it easier to work with. This ski wax is popular on the World Cup circuit and has brought great success for racers who use it. HF5X brings great glide properties in cold conditions. Use this wax in the temperature range between -14°C and  -8°C or -7°F to 18°F . This wax works well on most snow conditions, like fresh, old or artificial snow. For added base durability, reheat the wax after it cools to room temperature. You can use this wax as a race wax, but it also works as a base for Cera F Powder, such as FC05X.

  • Temp. Range:  -14°C through -8°C or -7°F through 18°F
  • Iron temp: 150°C (311°F)
  • Scrape after 1 minute

*Our 90g option is a bulk wax and may not include original packaging.