Swix HF07BWX-4 Black Wolf Ski Wax, 40g
Swix HF07BWX-4 Black Wolf Ski Wax, 180g

Swix HF7BWX Black Wolf Ski Wax

Swix HF7BWX Black Wolf Ski Wax is a high-fluoro glide ski wax that works well in both natural and man-made snow. This new, improved version of an older ski wax is for use temperatures in the  -2⁰C to -8⁰C | 18°F to 28°F range.

Recommended Iron Temperature: 140°C | 284°F

This popular and versatile ski wax is perfect for normal Winter conditions below freezing. The hardness of the wax makes it easy to work with and will almost guarantee a good end-result. BW solid lubricant additive in the wax will help to reduce friction when skiing in cold conditions. 

Apply the iron for approximately 8 - 10 seconds on alpine racing skis. Wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature for improved durability. Swix HF7BWX Black Wolf Ski Wax can be used alone as a race wax or as a base for Cera F.

Always use a quality iron to ensure efficient melting of the ski wax.

*Our 90g & 180g options are bulk wax and may not include original packaging.