Swix LF5X Green, 60g , -12°C to -32°C |  -25°F to 10°F.
Swix LF5X Green, 180g , Cold Weather Ski Wax, -12°C to -32°C |  -25°F to 10°F.
Swix LF5X Green, 900g , -12°C to -32°C |  -25°F to 10°F, cold wax

Swix LF4X Green

Swix LF4X Green is a low-fluoro glide wax designed to be used in temperatures cold and dry temperatures. This cold weather ski wax can be used alone as a race wax when humidity levels are low and performs well on man-made snow. 

Best for the temperature range:  -12°C to -32°C |   25°F to 10°F.

The recommend iron temperature for this ski wax is  155°C (311°F).

Iron for 8-10 seconds, then re-heat after about 10 minutes for increased durability. Always use a good iron to ensure efficient wax melt.  Scrape after about a minute. 

If temperatures reach the warmer end of the suggested range or during periods of increased humidity, use a Cera F (like FC04X) to increase ski performance.

*Our 180g option is a bulk wax and may not include original packaging.